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James & Kayla Canal Wedding EitelJorg Museum

June 19, 2021. A "Juneteenth" Wedding. Getting to create wedding florals for Kayla and James meant so very much to me. I grew up very closely knit to Kayla's family, and have several meaningful memories with them. So when I heard that Kayla was seriously dating a boy from England, my ears perked up...I wanted to meet this boy! If I could choose one word to describe James, it would be that he is "endearing." Kayla is full of life and genuinely so kind, the two of them together really is so special. I absolutely loved getting to incorporate some color into Kayla's florals with different shades of blush and some ivory. Photographer Keo Wallace did the most beautiful job capturing the uniqueness of their wedding day. James and Kayla mean so much to me, and so getting to not only create their florals but also attend their wedding was a memory I will never forget.

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